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VirtaCoin Discussion Forum » VirtaCoin » VirtaCoin Discussion » VIRTACOIN WILL BECOME THE BRAND NEW GOLD!!!
IntelligentSmartGuy2014Date: Tuesday, 2014-07-22, 3:45 AM | Message # 1
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Hello I would like to address a few things that I have picked up on and first of all the fact that there is supposedly too many Virta coins floating around is actually a good thing, because those extra coins can be used to bring in more people buying it, which will in turn drive up the current price.

Also we have seen how Bitcoin has set the new benchmark for what a Crypto-currency is capable of achieving, and so since Virtacoin has been released, it is our own coin, and is capable of achieving what Bitcoin has done and even more, and so let us make Virtacoin our very own project, because it now belongs to us the people.

We the people who own it will determine how far it goes, because has I have heard nothing can stop it, and so we should be very excited and proud of that fact alone, and find ways to promote and stimulate the Virtacoin market.

I say we should drive up the price of Virtacoin so high that the people who already sold off their Virtapay/Virtacoins will regret what they did and will want to buy back into Virtacoin.

I know we were not dealt a good hand under the original administrators of Virtapay, but let us at least give them credit for not just leaving us with the worthless Virtapay, but creating a Virtacoin we can do something with.

All Crypto-currencies has to have a start and so they usually start low and grow from there, just like Bitcoin.

So let us take advantage of the low price of Virtacoin, and buy up as many as we can, instead of complaining about the low price, and selling it off, because there are Billions of coins in circulation, and way more than the millions for Bitcoin, so plenty to go around to bring in more buyers of the coin.

Look at this as your life investment and personal business go grow and have the right mindset and then great things will and can be accomplished for Virtacoin.

It is here to stay and it is not going anywhere, so let us get used to it.
VirtaCoin Discussion Forum » VirtaCoin » VirtaCoin Discussion » VIRTACOIN WILL BECOME THE BRAND NEW GOLD!!!
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