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VirtaCoin Discussion Forum » VirtaCoin » Increasing VirtaCoin value » Virtacoin will become second Bitcoin. Don't miss !!!!! (The second Bitcoin is coming soon...!!!!)
Virtacoin will become second Bitcoin. Don't miss !!!!!
huyhpvnDate: Thursday, 2014-11-13, 12:54 PM | Message # 1
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May be you have ever heared about one cryptocoin is Virtacoin (VTA), but i still want to tell you again :
 VirtaCoin was launched on July1, 2014 on its official website at by VirtaPay (a former virtual currency and online payment website) in order to give its over 02 million members access to virtual funds or $VP  that they were accumulating since September 2010.  In late December2013 it was announced by VirtaPay that they would be convertingtheir entire system into a cryptocurrency similarly to the popular Bitcoin, thus 06 months later VirtaCoin was borned. "
Virtacoin is distributed uniform to all people on the world for 04 years, Virtacoin has not a significant amount of VTA controlled by a small group of owners. Virtacoin will not give rise to the same problems BitCoin is facing : market manipulation and instable prices. Virtacoin will be "People's Coin" should aim for STABILITY and STEADY growth and keep the speculators at bay. VTA communication are growing the VTA market in such a way, that people who buy VirtaCoin can rely on its value to never go down. There are hundreds of 'altcoins' and all other crypto coins are focussed on quick profits through speculation. Virtacoin takes the road less travelled - focussing on growth through mouth-to-mouth promotion. That is a slow process in the beginning but it will pick up pace exponentially as time goes by. THIS IS DIFFERENCE OF VIRTACOIN COMPARE WITH ALL OTHER ALTCOIN.

More specially, Virtacoin has not central developer group (because launch history of Virtacoin), now Virtacoin has over 2.5 MILLIONS OWNERS on the world, this number is LARGER THAN MANY TIME OWNERS AMOUNT OF ANY OTHER ALTCOIN on the market and all member are working hardly to make marketplace VTA, become the coin be accepted to use as currency for payment, spend and buy sell product, commodity, services, etc… like as Bitcoin, THIS IS NO ALTCOIN HAS.

The purpose of Virtacoin communication is develop Virtacoin become second cryptocoin along with Bitcoin be accepted use for wolrdwide payment.


Virtacoin have enough base to success.  There are 06 exchangers for VTA:

I want to suggest to your service use VTA as your payment method like as BTC. Please listen my invitation, Virtacoin has very great potential ! Thanks!

If you need more information about Virtacoin, please see at these below link :
Office website:
Online wallet:
Blog about development for VTA :
Projects for Virtacoin:
Game for virtacoin: and
Virtacoin pool:
Explorer: and

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VirtaCoin Discussion Forum » VirtaCoin » Increasing VirtaCoin value » Virtacoin will become second Bitcoin. Don't miss !!!!! (The second Bitcoin is coming soon...!!!!)
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