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8. cryptoorg   (2015-02-19 11:35 AM)
I found a good post here!

7. LionKing   (2014-12-23 7:58 AM)
virtapoker upgraded Player don't need to wait another player to play poker game,
Player play the game instant with robo player...

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6. goodmen   (2014-09-24 6:06 AM)

присоединиться здесь, чтобы получить помощь

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5. kaviton   (2014-09-20 9:33 AM)
Здравствуйте, у меня проблема, скачала кошелёк, перевела свои с VirtaPay деньги, у меня полетела витда, пришлось устанавливать заново, кошелёк скачала заново с флешки, а вот как восстановить баланс не знаю. У меня есть секретный ключ. Если можите помогите пожалуйста.

4. LionKing   (2014-09-11 7:47 AM)
Banner Design Competition

In preparation for the mass promotion of VirtaCoin in october, we urgently need some good material. The VirtaCoin Foundation Project is going to award 100,000 VTA for every banner that meets our quality criteria. Banners must be 468 x 60 or 125 x 125 in Size. Use any tool you like - even MsPaint can be used. Or check this : Post your banners here on this reddit. John  hands

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3. Guest   (2014-09-10 9:39 PM)
Note on desktop wallet security

If you are using the VirtaCoin desktop client please make sure you get your "Private Key" from your wallet and store it someplace safe. Which means NOT on the computer you are running the wallet on. Store it on another pc, put a note in your mobile or write it down on a piece of paper. Why is this so imprtant? because your pc can crash anytime, the wallet will one day suddenly stop synching, you accidentalleydelete the directory it is in, your harddisk quits etc. etc. If you have your private key, you can always download a new wallet , import your private key and you will get all your VirtaCoins back! To get your private key, open youir wallet, the goto help->debug window->console. Then type "dumpprivkey" on the commandline and the wallet will show you what to do. DO IT NOW! John ok

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2. Guest   (2014-09-10 9:37 PM)
New Auto Faucet hands

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1. Gues   (2014-09-10 9:31 PM) now has 500 online wallets registered! ok john


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